Think back to your childhood and tell me if your parents had to stay on your case in order for your chores to get done, or did you stay on schedule on your own?

Did you have any particular chores that you hated more than others? We all have a few that we just can't stand doing, and others that we really don't mind so much.

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Chores We Hate Doing in Grand Junction Colorado

As a kid, I hated any chores that put me near lots of nasty insects. Mowing the lawn was never my favorite, but we had some neighbors who would NEVER mow their grass. Eventually, they'd ask my parents if they could pay ME to mow their grass for them. NOOOO! I would make it down like one row of two-foot-high grass and every manner of insect would come crawling up out of that grass onto me, the lawnmower, and anyone else nearby. I got over it after a while, but outdoor chores were always the ones I hated the most.

Which Chore Do You Hate Doing The Most?

Dishes? No problem. Take out the trash? Done in two minutes! Go get rid of that hornet nest in the garage? No thanks!

We've got a handful of answers to get us rolling but we need more. Drop by our page on Facebook to find the original question and add your least favorite chore to the list. You can probably think of two or three that nobody mentioned yet. Let's do this.

Household Chores Grand Junction Hates Doing The Most

Of all the chores we have to do week in and week out, which one is your least favorite?

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