If you love Cheyenne (and who doesn't?), but you have Italian tendencies, boy do I have a home for you. It's about as close to Italy as you can get in Cheyenne.

I found this gorgeous property on Realtor. It's 2415 Wildhorse Trail in Tuscany...oh, wait. I mean in Cheyenne. Here's how the listing describes it.

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Here exudes the majesty of a true custom home in the Mediterranean/Italian style. An opulent domed entry with indirect lighting and niches draw you into the grandest of space with southern floor-to-ceiling windows washing light into the very pores of this home. Finishes crafted to the integrity of the finest homes and dripping with accouterments displaying the signatures of success. The layers of design in this home will leave your senses in high gear. A stunning wine room tempered for the best.

They are seriously not kidding about the Italian style. See for yourself...maestro.

Even the colors in the home have an Italian vibe. Reds, greens, etc. You don't get this kind of luxury for free, however. The current asking price on Realtor is $1.39 million lira...I mean dollars.

I can say that if I had a Ferrari and/or a Lamborghini, I'd love to have a home like this. As for me, it's a daydream. As for you, perhaps it's the place you could plant a fine Italian vineyard.

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