It appears as though Charlie Sheen isn't not much of a Donald Trump fan.

While appearing on The Graham Norton Show recently, Sheen told a story about how he was at an event years ago, just before getting married to his now ex-wife.  He ran into Donald Trump, who apologized for not being able to attend the upcoming wedding (which he wasn't invited to).

To make up for not being able to attend the wedding that he was never invited to, Trump decided to give Sheen and his soon-to-be-ex a gift, right there on the spot. So he pulled off his cufflinks, handed them to Sheen and wished them the best of luck in their journey together. Trump claimed that the cufflinks were "platinum, diamond Harry Winston" cufflinks, which would mean they were worth a lot of money.

A few years later, Sheen was having some jewelry appraised and tossed the cufflinks into the pile. The appraiser took one look at the cufflinks and said that they were actually pewter, not platinum. And those diamonds? Fake.