Finally, a beer stein fit for a king. In this case, you and your cheap beer choices will have to play the role of ruler.

This chainmaille beer stein is hand-crafted by a person with a passion for brewing and...chains. The stein weighs about 5 pounds and stands 7.5 inches tall.

ChainedBeauty, who we'll assume is a woman or an incredibly confident dude, explains her creation.

The stein is made of galvanized steel, with rings ranging in all sizes and gauges. Its 100% chainmaille, including the inside of the handle, which is made of 3 rows of CIR wrapped with 6-in-1.

Here is the only drawback -- you probably can't drink from it since its got so many holes. It would probably also make your beer taste like a mouthful of nickels. Wait, your cheap beer already tastes like a mouthful of nickels? Noted.