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Spider-Man Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Wave Review
When it comes to Marvel Legends, Spider-Man is about as bankable a hero you can find. As the centerpiece for numerous lines in a given year, Spider-Man's action figure waves have been among the most diverse and impressive in Hasbro's Marvel Legends catalog. The latest Spider-Man series, wh…
These Tumblers Are Amazing!
When I got word a local fab shop was creating me a custom tumbler I must admit I wasn't all that excited. When I saw the finished product, how cool it looked and then discovered how well it worked, I was blown away!
Time To Take A Hike
These last couple of cooler days got me thinking, time for this boy to take a hike! No question, fall is my favorite time of the year. Back home, fall bass fishing was my thing. Here, I'm leaning towards hiking.

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