Boy were we excited when we saw a "cat-eating festival" because we thought it was a euphemism for "eating at the 'y'"! We shocked to learn this was about really eating cats, not "yodeling in the valley"!

Each September, fur craving Peruvians pay homage to Santa Efgenia in the streets La Quebrada dancing, jamming to music and devouring the other-other white meat -- kitty -- the ceremony is referred to as the Gastronomic Festival of the Cat.

Many Peruvians are outraged by the festival because they say the only animals fit for consumption are cows, chickens and pigs. However, government officials are not willing to put an end to the festival because they say that issues like poverty and crime take priority over animal rights.

We'll skip the cat meat -- if they come up with a festival for the other thing, let us know.