Carcass are one of those rare bands who have been so relentlessly innovative over the course of their career (think also Death or Celtic Frost) that virtually every one of their albums might be justifiably deemed to be their best, or most important, depending on who judges it.

And if that sounds like a lame, preemptive excuse for the exasperating task of ranking the band’s filler-free discography, well, it is, but don’t blame us for our honesty.

Instead, join us as we marvel at these Liverpudlians’ astonishing contributions to extreme music – first as pioneering purveyors of grindcore and goregrind before transitioning into death metal and death ‘n’ roll with astonishing facility and competence, usually one step ahead of the competition.

From their early period as a power trio composed of Jeff Walker (bass/vocals), Bill Steer (guitar/vocals) and Ken Owen, through their expansion into a quartet with Swedish-born second guitarist Michael Amott, Carcass rarely settled for anything less than breaking down boundaries and when they felt a twinge of stagnation, they called it quits.

Years later, Owen suffered a brain hemorrhage that would exclude him from Carcass' onstage resurrection in 2007, as well as their long-awaited return to recording in 2013, his slot filled by Dan Wilding on the occasion.

Now fans await to learn whether the members of Carcass will see fit to conjure new music at a future date, so while we wait, why don’t you click through the gallery above to see how Carcass’ albums rank!

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