We live in Colorado, so we're biased. Still, we don't think it's a reach to call the Centennial State the unofficial camping capital of the world.

From the four national parks to various local hotspots, there's always a place to camp in our state regardless of the season.

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So, you can imagine our surprise when we learned that a new study says camping is better in Texas than in Colorado. Yup — you read that right.

According to research from Lawn Love, Colorado is only the sixth-best state for camping in the country, falling behind New York, Florida, Washington, California, and Texas.

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We hate to say it, but we can understand California. We get Florida and Washington. But how is camping on the Texas plains better than a Colorado mountain getaway? And what are you going to do in New York? Sleep in Times Square?! (We kid, we know there's nature there too).

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Let's throw our bias aside and analyze Colorado's ranking. Lawn Love reports that the Centennial State comes in a No. 2 for hiking trails, No. 10 for campsites with toilets, No. 4 for RV rentals, No. 29 for natural hazards, and No. 2 for affordable camping rentals.

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Ah — it appears that toilets and avalanches are Colorado's camping downfall. At least we don't live in the worst place to camp: North Dakota.

Learn more about where to camp in Colorado in the gallery below.

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