One of the more interesting components to Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer is the all-new Squads mode, and this latest trailer has us even more hyped to give it a go.

The concept behind Squads is to create your own team of computer-controlled soldiers to aid you in battle. These AI soldiers will level up on their own whether you're playing with them, or your friends are playing against them in one Squads' many modes.

Wargame pits you and some AI teammates against AI soldiers based on someone else's created team. The computer troops will play according to what loadouts they have equipped, meaning each and every game should in theory play out as if real people were on the other side. Squad Assault sees you and up to five other real friends taking on AI squads. Squad vs. Squad finds you and your AI teammates taking on one other human and his AI teammates. Safeguard is a 4v4 match where you and real friends once again take waves of AI enemies in a bout to see who can last the longest.

Best of all, all the experience earned in Squads transfers over to the standard multiplayer. Leveling up your Squad will be crucial in ranking up and staying competitive, and could add hours to an already expansive competitive experience.

Check out the trailer above, and start planning your Squad while you wait for Call of Duty: Ghosts to arrive this November.