I have no idea how I have missed this as it is 5 or so years old, but as I made my rounds around the net today I stumbled upon this gem of a commercial from Bud Light called the "Swear Jar." 

The commercial was regarded as too risky to show on television. “Swear Jar” shows a group of office workers raising funds through a swear jar for a case of Bud Light for their social gathering at the end of the year.

It was designed to be shown during the Super Bowl in 2007 but was rejected by CBS while in script form. Anheuser Busch realized that the commercial could have an effective life without ever appearing on television. The spot provided an incentive for visiting www.bud.tv and became a hit on YouTube.

It's 2013 now, maybe the folks at Budweiser should consider a comeback at this years Super Bowl!!