Carrying on with the theme that inspired their latest disc ‘Confessions,’ Buckcherry recently revealed the trippy new video they conjured up for ‘Nothing Left But Tears,’ bringing the seven deadly sins to life.

Given that the majority of their past videos have been centered around band performances, the making of ‘Nothing Left But Tears’ really allowed Buckcherry to dive deep into the creative process. With each of the members undergoing major transformations to represent one of the seven deadly sins, the results are a dark and freaky video, putting a new spin on the song.

Director Daniel Gomez played a large role in the making of the video. He described the video for fans, explaining, “It opens in a roadside motel where there was a murder-suicide, and the video is the aftermath.” He continues, “Our character comes back from the dead and walks into a tunnel that is the pathway to hell and ends up in an 'Alice In Wonderland' meets 'Dante's Inferno' tea party where six of the seven deadly sins are having a party in the middle of the forest - our interpretation of hell."

“It’s evil, powerful, creepy and fun,” frontman Josh Todd says about the video. “It’s an incredible piece of art.” While Todd didn’t have to undergo quite as much of a transformation as his bandmates, his role still strikes a chord. Check out the video above and see for yourself!

Buckcherry are out on tour through mid-September, check out all the stops below.

Buckcherry Tour Dates:

8/17 — Lake Odessa, Mich. — I-96 Speedway
8/20 — Akron, Ohio — The Rock Factory
8/23 — Clear Lake, Iowa — The Surf Ballroom
8/24 — Saint Paul, Minn. – Minnesota State Fair
8/30 — Milwaukee, Wis. — Summerfest
9/1 — Conneaut Lake, Pa. — The Beach Club
9/4 — Tulsa, Okla. — Cain’s Ballroom
9/6 — Houston, Texas — Scout Bar
9/7 — Tyler, Texas — Click’s
9/13 — San Juan Capistrano, Calif. — Coach House
9/14 — Sacramento, Calif. — Discovery Park