Bring Me the Horizon have evolved quite a bit musically since their metalcore beginnings. The UK band broke out in a big way with 2013's masterful Sempiternal album, introducing more melodic elements to their sound. Then in 2015, the band changed direction with the pop-leaning That's the Spirit. That said, the energy of their live show is as intense as ever.

We caught the second gig of a sold-out two-night stand at New York City's Terminal 5 on Tuesday, March 21, and singer Oli Sykes and the rest of the band kicked things off with the infectious "Happy Song," complete with ticker tape and a massive LED backdrop that played throughout the set. While a striking stage element, the bright screen often leaves the band members in silhouette, adding a bit of mystique to the gig, as evidenced in our photos above.

While the album That's the Spirit embraces more of a pop and dance vibe than BMTH's previous efforts, the songs take on a heavier feel in a live setting. "Throne" is downright anthemic and "Drown" is a sing-along rocker. Meanwhile, the tracks from Sempiternal are absolute scorchers in concert, led by the rousing "Shadow Moses" and "Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake."

Check out our exclusive photos from the Terminal 5 show in the gallery above, and catch Bring Me the Horizon at one of their remaining dates on this North American tour.

Bring Me the Horizon Setlist, March 23, Terminal 5 in NYC:

1. Happy Song
2. Go to Hell, For Heaven's Sake
3. The House of Wolves
4. Avalanche
5. Shadow Moses
6. Chelsea Smile
7. Follow You
8. Sleepwalking
9. Doom
10. Can You Feel My Heart
11. Antivist
12. Throne
13. True Friends
14. Oh No
15. Drown

Bring Me the Horizon Play 'Wikipedia Fact or Fiction'

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