A Boulder man was forced to shoot a black bear after it allegedly threatened him while he was camping.

Monday (July 6) a man says he came in contact with a black bear while camping with his dog in Boulder. According to the Denver Channel the bear tried to attack the dog before lunging at the owner. The man says he was forced to shoot and kill the animal.

Officials say the man will not be charged as he was acting in self-defense.

Jason Clay, the public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife said this to The Denver Channel:

You cannot shoot a bear just if it is coming after your dog. But it is not believed that is the case with this incident. It sounds like that bear was running right back towards him. It sounds like this guy did everything right for the most part.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife are reminding residents and campers to keep their distance from wildlife and under no circumstances feed the animals. Find out how to be more BEAR AWARE HERE.

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