Ice-T is back with Body Count and the O.G. is pumping out some seriously heavy rap metal. Body Count's fifth studio album, 'Manslaughter,' is set to shoot you in the face on June 10, and to raise the excitement level, the act has just released the new track 'B-tch in the Pit.'

Body Count taught us about the dangers of acting tough on social media with the video for 'Talk S--t, Get Shot.' With the song, Ice-T and the boys reminded the world that Body Count still has something awesome to offer, and they've done it once again with 'B-tch in the Pit.'

Despite what you may think at first, 'B-tch in the Pit' is actually a track commending female moshers for holding their own while braving the floor at metal shows. Ice-T screams how tough women never cease to amaze him while delivering lines like, "She doesn't give a f---, she's harder than men / In the chaos, song after song / She's not afraid to bleed, she begs for more speed / In the mosh pit all night long."

“Most of the inspiration for my records is that I plan on singing them onstage,” Ice-T tells Revolver, who premiered the song. “So I try to think of things that the crowd is going though or I’m going though. Every time we do a show, you’re always staring at that mosh pit and there’s usually that one girl in there or a couple of girls in the middle of the mosh pit and they’re very interesting. So I was thinking this is a way I could dedicate a record to the girls that go to the rock concerts and go hard. It never fails. It’s kinda like a true story. It’s an homage to the girls that really get in the mosh pit with the guys.”

'B-tch in the Pit' is a song perfectly crafted for an intense pit. Body Count don't play live too regularly, but if the rap thrashers come to our town, we can't wait to see how the pit explodes once the band unleashes this gem in concert. Body Count are scheduled to tour on this year's Mayhem Fest, so check out the fest's tour dates by clicking the red button below.

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