What do you do when the swingers' club that you're trying to open gets blocked by the busy bodies in the surrounding community? You slightly edit your plans and call it a "church" instead!


For months, there has been a vacant building in Madison, TN that sits adjacent to a school. A group planned to renovate the building and open it as a swingers' club. Well, as you can imagine, that didn't go over well with the surrounding community and a zoning amendment was passed that blocked the swingers from moving in.

The swingers had some amendments of their own, though. They simply resubmitted their plans, which had been slightly edited to include a "choir room" and a "fellowship hall."

And it worked!

They were given permission to move forward, but before they open their doors, they'll have to prove that the building is actually being used as a church for "worship."

WSMV Channel 4