Pop-punk Twitter has been in a whirlwind since Travis Barker tweeted a picture of Tom DeLonge with the caption, "Where are youuuuuuuuuuu." As any Blink-182 fan would know, the words call back to the iconic Blink track "I Miss You," in which DeLonge sings the lyrics in his distinctive delivery. He also tagged his former bandmate in the photo.

DeLonge then replied to Barker with a later lyric in the song, "I am the voice inside your yeeeeaaaad."

The question remains: What does this mean? As you can see below, many fans have taken it as a hint that DeLonge is rejoining Blink. However, there could be other explanations as well, such as this being some sort of reference to the recent controversial story about DeLonge's space exploration company To the Stars allegedly being $37 million in debt. (He has since vehemently denied the story.)

Another explanation could be a potential reunion of DeLonge and Barker's previous band, Boxcar Racer. The group potentially returning has been alluded to in recent years. Due to the nature of the photo he shared, this could also just be Barker poking fun at DeLonge. To address it in such a public, speculation-fueling setting seems odd.

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