It's been a busy 48 hours for Blink-182, as the band unleashed a lyric video for their new song "Bored to Death," revealed the title and release plans for their upcoming album, California, and announced a major summer tour featuring themselves, A Day to Remember, All-American Rejects and All Time Low. So, what better way to finish off the media frenzy that to meet up with members of those bands, some media and local fans than having a karaoke bash.

The group took over the Blind Dragon on Sunset Thursday night (April 28) to celebrate their upcoming album and tour and really had the first opportunity since announcing the run to meet up and hang with some of their upcoming tourmates.

"I've been friends with All Time Low for a number of years and we've toured with All-American Rejects a whole bunch and they've been on a bunch of tours, so really it's like summer vacation with all of our friends," explained Mark Hoppus, while Travis Barker details his long-running friendship with A Day to Remember's Kevin Skaff. "A Day to Remember is like family to us," stated Barker. "I've worked with Kevin [Skaff] with my clothing company Famous Stars and Straps and you know, he's a music lover. We have a lot of things in common. We love and adore the Descendents and we grew up skateboarding and I love their music. When they recorded their album, Kevin sent it to me to listen to and it was great. He's someone I really like and I respect and I really love their band. They're really powerful. They're really a great band."

While A Day to Remember have crossed paths with Blink on multiple occasions, this will be the first time the two bands have toured for an extended period. Skaff told us, "We've done Reading and Leeds festival with them and also the very first two shows with Matt Skiba that Blink did at the Roxy and SOMA in San Diego and those just went so well, we decided to turn that into a tour. We're super appreciative to them and it's going to be a good time." As for whether fans can expect a traditional A Day to Remember show, frontman Jeremy McKinnon told us, "Blink has been very accommodating and the tour hasn't even started yet. It's definitely going to be A Day to Remember show that you're used to."

After meeting with press, the time came to have some fun. The Blind Dragon karaoke board was loaded up with Blink-182 tracks and the band's producer John Feldmann got first crack, pulling up members of All Time Low to assist his singing on "Dammit." All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth then called out A Day to Remember's Kevin Skaff from the front of the staging area, and from there, some of the fans on hand got a chance to follow suit with their favorite songs.

Given the theme of the night, we asked Blink-182 for their favorite karaoke tracks. Drummer Travis Barker told us, "If I still drank, I'd probably do anything by Prince. He's one of my favorite artists ever." Mark Hoppus on the other hand was a little reluctant to partake in karaoke, explaining, "I've never in my life done karaoke. Not one time. I have a hard enough time singing our own songs, playing correctly and singing in key so I don't tempt fate." As for Matt Skiba, he revealed, "I've karaokied a lot, especially in Japan. But I think probably Billy Idol 'Dancing With Myself' is what I would sing. It's easy, everybody has it and it's one of my favorite songs. It's a crowd pleaser."

Will the karaoke camaraderie carry over to the upcoming tour? Only time will tell, but after the Thursday night gathering in Hollywood, the bro-down has officially begun. Check out photos from the party above and look for Blink-182, A Day to Remember, All-American Rejects and All Time Low playing shows this summer. Dates can be found here. And stay tuned for our upcoming chats with Blink-182 and A Day to Remember.

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