Black Sabbath recorded way more than the eight songs that will appear on the standard edition of their '13' album and one of the ways that they are making sure that fans will get a chance to hear them is through the "bonus track" option. One of those extra songs -- 'Naivete in Black' -- will turn up exclusively on the Best Buy deluxe edition version of the album.

For those purchasing the Best Buy '13' deluxe edition version, it will come with the original track listing, as well as the three bonus cuts -- 'Methademic,' 'Peace of Mind' and 'Pariah' -- that are scheduled for most of the band's deluxe edition package. But the 'Naivete in Black' addition is exclusive to Best Buy's deluxe version. The Best Buy version can be pre-ordered here.

It's not known if 'Naivete in Black' is a play on the band's classic track 'N.I.B.,' which has been referred to as 'Nativity in Black' despite the band claiming that the initials do not actually stand for anything.

Black Sabbath have begun working new music into their sets, with the deluxe edition track 'Methademic' making its way into Monday's (April 29) performance in Melbourne. They've also played 'End of the Beginning' and 'God Is Dead?' during recent shows.

The '13' album is due June 11 and a wide variety of ordering options are available here.