When Bill Murray appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he shared a hilarious story about taking his young son to see Kingpin in theaters. Murray appeared in the sports comedy, and wanted his son to see his dad on screen. What a great father-son bonding movie, right?

The raunchy 1996 Farrelly brothers comedy stars Woody Harrelson as Roy Munson, a once-successful bowler who falls down on his luck after he suffers a career-ending hand injury. The injury is indirectly caused by jealous rival Ernie MacCracken (Murray), who convinces Roy to join him in hustling amateur bowlers. When the bowlers find out they’ve been swindled, they get painful revenge on Roy. While Murray’s Ernie is only featured in a few key scenes, he is the movie's true villain.

When Murray filmed those scenes for Kingpin, he failed to realize that the rest of the movie included an array of inappropriate topics, ranging from alcohol abuse to domestic violence. While the movie was only rated PG-13, it was definitely not appropriate for a 10-year-old.

“I took my one son to see Kingpin when it came out, and I had not seen most of the movie. I had only seen the scenes I was in,” Murray explained. “He was 10, and I thought it was a bowling movie. So, we walked out [of the theater] in total silence — and we walked a long way to a parking garage that was like two-and-a-half, three blocks away. And we finally got to the car and without a word, without any speech, he said, ‘You were good, dad.’” Awkward!

Watch the full exchange below:

Kimmel and Murray also discussed the actor's upcoming role in Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks. Murray stars in the A24 film with Rashida Jones and Marlon Wayans. On The Rocks heads to select theaters and Apple TV+ later this month.

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