It seems wrong using the word "best" in this article, because there is really no good place to get a speeding ticket. However, there are places where they happen more often. FOX31 Denver asked the Colorado State Patrol for all their speeding tickets last year, and found the five places they happened the most. 

#5: I-25 near Longmont

In 2013, the State Patrol handed out 437 tickets along this stretch of highway.

#4: County Road 8 in El Paso County

County Road 8, also known as Gold Camp Road, had 449 tickets handed out in 2013.

#3: E-470 at m.m. 19

On the way to Denver International Airport, E-470 at mile marker 19 saw 512 tickets handed out last year.

#2: Hwy. 160 from Denver to Durango

In 2013, 576 tickets were passed out for speeding here.

#1: E-470 at m.m. 24

Last year the State Patrol handed out 652 tickets on this stretch near E. 56th Avenue in Adams County.

In other words, these are the best spots in Colorado not to push the metal to the metal. Also, let me speak from experience in saying that it's never a good idea to speed through small towns like Windsor, Eaton, Ault, etc.