It's time to trade in the old bike and buy a new one. Where's the best place in Grand Junction to buy a motorcycle?

I'm having a midlife crisis and I want a new bike. There, I said it. Help a guy out. It's time to buy a motorcycle, and I'm looking for the best deal in the valley. I'm a "shop local" kind of guy, so my business is going to a Grand Junction, Clifton, Fruita, or Palisade business.

A few months ago I inherited my mom's 1980 Honda. It's in showroom condition with only 2,800 actual miles. In my mind this thing is a museum piece. Motorcycle dealers disagree. After shopping around, looking for a buyer, it quickly became clear this bike is worth... nothing. Because it had been sitting under a blanket for nearly 40 years, it was obvious to me the bike was of great value. I explained to the salesman at one Grand Junction shop the bike had only 2,800 miles. His reply? He said, "So, my ex-wife has only 5,000 miles on her. NO one cares."

So, you may be wonder, "Waylon, why don't you fire up your mom's old bike and ride it?" That is very much a consideration. You were recently asked which Grand Junction shop would do the best job of cleaning out the fuel lines, tank, and carburetor. That is still an option.

There does exist, though, a problem. The 1980 Honda in question is a 194 cc engine. I, on the other hand, am a 230 pound blob. This situation calls for a slightly larger motorcycle. Even under ideal conditions, this bike probably couldn't do the 75 MPH we now observe on Colorado interstates.

So, as much as it breaks my heart, I'm thinking about trading in my mom's old bike on a new one. Considering my last ride on a motorcycle was roughly 35 years ago, my knowledge in the area is a bit dated. My inquiries haven't even narrowed down the make of motorcycle I'm interested in.

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Please help a ridiculously middle-aged guy solve this dilemma. Smart money says my trade-in has a street value of $300 to $500 at best. Some of the new bikes being considered are in the $5,000 to $7,000 range.

Help me out. I have no executive decision making ability to speak of. I'm looking for a good bike, a good local dealer, and a good price. Please point me in the right direction. A list of area motorcycle dealers was pulled from Yelp!. If I missed a local motorcycle dealer, please write in the business's name, and it will be added to the poll. Thanks for helping me out.

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