2008 was an odd year in the hard rock scene, with some of the tried and true rock favorites suffering a bit of a lull in their career, opening things up for a new batch of rockers to step in and take the spotlight.

For some, like Shinedown, 2008 was the year that they separated themselves from the glut of early 2000 rock acts to become true superstars in the genre. For others, like Volbeat and The Black Keys, we got a glimpse of the commercial success that would follow even though they hadn't quite enjoyed their respective breakthroughs yet.

We also got the long awaited return of AC/DC, an interesting offshoot project from one of System of a Down's members and one act taking on a highly ambitious project releasing the second double-album of a four-disc project surrounding four earthly elements.

Join us as we take a look back at the 10 Best Hard Rock Albums of 2008 in the gallery below.

10 Best Metal Albums of 2008

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