We all have had unwanted guests in our homes at one point or another. Perhaps, it was some uninvited guest(s) that crashed a party we were throwing in our 20s or perhaps some family members who we really didn't want to invite over but had to because it's the holidays.

However you want to look at it, chances are it's happened before but never to this level and with this kind of unwanted guest. This particular guest had four legs, giant paws, and fingernails that could slice you up pretty good if it decided to get angry at you.

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The guest at this particular home in Nederland...was a bear that was getting ready to settle in for the winter under this couple's home but was found before it got too comfy.

According to KDVR, the couple had no idea a bear was trying to hibernate for the winter under their porch until their dog started going nuts and barking at it when it appeared at their door. SURPRISE!

Judith Payne, one  of the homeowners had this to say about what happened next:

Then the bear came out and was right by the door and I was inches away from it except for the glass door, and I'm thinking, 'this is a wild animal'.

Thankfully, all involved in this situation are okay, including the bear who was coaxed out by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials by the smell of ammonia. Who knew?

I guess if we're going to build and expand further and further into bear territory, these types of run-ins are to be expected. I'm just happy there was a happy ending for all involved here, although I'm sure the bear is bummed he won't be invited for Thanksgiving in a few weeks, which is what I'm sure it was really waiting for.

Also, just a friendly reminder.

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