Colorado Parks & Wildlife remind you to stay "bear aware."

CP&W wants to remind Coloradoans to be "bear aware" this summer. More reports of bear break-ins happen in summer than any other time of the year. Bears are almost always hungry and looking for an easy meal, especially this time of the year. When bears have access to human food sources their hunger will override their fear of humans.

Bears are curious, intelligent, and resourceful when it comes to food. They will explore any and all possible sources. And once they've found food near homes, campgrounds, vehicles, or towns in general, they’ll keep coming back for more. Bears will stop at nothing to get the calories they need. They'll wreck vehicles, homes, structures, just about anything that stands between them and a meal.

CP&W is reminding Colorado residents to "bear-proof" their property by closing and locking all windows and doors when you retire for the night or when you leave. Keep your car locked and the windows rolled up all the way. And please don't leave any food or trash in your car.

It's also a good idea to trim back any tree limbs that could give bears access to the upstairs of your home. Replace doors with lever-style handles with round doorknobs so bears can't push them open. Of course, don't leave trash out overnight unless it is in a bear-proof container.


Credit: KKCO11News

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