Famitsu has released a whole mess of screenshots for the upcoming Wii U-exclusive, Bayonetta 2, including a few shots of the titular heroine in the guise of a couple of Nintendo legends.

Among the 26 screenshots released are images of in-game combat and cinematic cut-scenes, and all of them show the level of polish and design that Platinum Games has become known for. Bayonetta 2’s environments look spectacular, with lush, vibrant colors and uniquely detailed architecture, and the fascinatingly bizarre character design found in the first game is on display here, as well, suggesting one of the best-looking Wii U games to date.

Most interesting are the two images that depict Bayonetta in costumes borrowed from classic Nintendo characters. Wearing his classic green hat and a low-cut version of his tunic, Bayonetta does a great impression of Link that would be a huge hit on the cosplay circuit. Her Metroid-inspired costume is an equally cool piece of fan-service, showing Bayonetta in a skin-tight version of Samus Aran’s Varia Suit.

We’ve grabbed a dozen of the best pics, but there are plenty more images on Famitsu to get players geared up for one of the Wii U’s most exciting titles before its release this October.