A Colorado lawmaker wants to rename a portion of I-25 to The Barack Obama Highway.

Rep. Dan Pabon has presented a bill to the House and Transportation Committee on Thursday in hopes of renaming a portion of I-25 between the northern and southern borders of Denver as "The Barack Obama Highway", in honor of the 44th president.

The bill lists a number of accomplishments by the former president during his eight-years as reasons for the change. Those listed include “successfully taking on the challenges of a nation experiencing the largest recession since the Great Depression,” as well as, “expanding environmental protections and supporting groundbreaking LGBT-rights decisions."

Denver holds a key place in history and the political career of Barack Obama. It was there he accepted the Democratic nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention back in 2008.

Renaming a highway is fine I guess but aside from the DNC thing, is there any other notable Colorado connections to Barack Obama? He was born in Hawaii, lived in Washington State, and calls Chicago his "hometown." What are your thoughts on the idea?

Credit: 9News   

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