There's more and more new releases coming out as we break into 2013. This week is the first big week for releases with new rock from Bad Religion, Otep and Trapt. Plus new movies like End of Watch and The Paperboy. END OF WATCH - DVD/BR THE PAPERBOY - DVD/BR SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN - DVD/BR DEATH RACE 3 INFERNO - DVD/BR THE MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA - DVD/BR BAD RELIGION - TRUE NORTH - CD HELLOWEEN - Straight Out Of Hell: Premium Edition - CD OTEP - Hydra - CD THE USED - Vulnerable (II) / [2 CD] - CD TRAPT - Reborn / [Deluxe Edition] - CD

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    Bad Religion

    Hints of Bad Religion's new album began back in 2011. When Brian Baker was asked if there would be a new album, The guitarist said, "It's all very punk just like it's always been. We will record when we have enough songs. For us, it just kind of happens." That same month, April 2011 Greg Graffin said, "After this year you probably won't be seeing much more of us. We're going to try one more album and then all join the navy, do honest work." In June 2011 a new album was announced to be released in 2012. In February 2012 they already had two tracks.

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    Otep is out today with the album Otep Shamaya said is her last with the band. Hydra is the sixth studio album for the band and is a concept album based on Otep's graphic novel.

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    Trapt is out today with their fifth studio album Reborn with new guitarist Travis Miguiel. Travis comes from Atreyu and replaces Rob Torres in the band. Trapt began their tour for Reborn on January 18, four days before the release of the album.

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    End of Watch

    The writer of Training Day is behind End of Watch a cop drama about the aftermath of exposing a drug cartel.

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    The Paperboy

    The Paperboy is the film adaptation of Pete Dexter's novel with John Cusack as an inmate on death row in the 1960's. Nicole Kidman plays his pen-pal as the case is reopened. Raising the question if he killed a cop, or not.

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    Searching for Sugar Man

    Searching for Sugar Man is the true story of a rocker discovered in a bar in the 1970's. He gets a record deal, but when the album tanks he disappears. The story follows two South Africans who search for him after he becomes a phenomenon, thanks to a bootleg.

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    Death Race 3: Inferno

    A prisoner who goes by 'Frankenstein' is legendary in the prison sport Death Race. He faces his first ever desert Death Race. With the only thing keeping him away from freeedom is one last victory.

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    The Men Who Built America

    The Men Who Built America is about the men who made the American Dream. A mini-series highlighting these men who transformed the country post-Civil War.

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