I hate to admit it, but, I was around when the Twin Tunnels, Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels, were first built. Now, as you're no doubt aware, if you travel I-70 between Grand Junction and Denver, the tunnels are undergoing upgrades. You know what that means... Blasting! Check it out!

Completed in 1979, Eisenhower-Johnson is the longest mountain tunnel and the highest point in the country's Interstate System. It is also responsible for many occurrences of the heebie-jeebies for those who don't enjoy driving through the continental divide.

For some time now, the tunnel has been undergoing, shall we say, renovation. In other words, they're blowing stuff up.

If you're heading from Western Colorado to Denver, or vice versa, please account for extra travel time. You will lose time at Eisenhower, especially if you're heading West.

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