Last summer, there were rumors that Avril Lavigne and Marilyn Manson were dating. Those rumors were humorously thwarted by Manson and the world soon found out that it was Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and not Manson that the pop singer had her eyes on. However, there was something to that pairing with Manson -- something musical.

Lavigne reveals in a new interview that she did collaborate with Manson on her forthcoming album, which is due this summer. "The record's really diverse," Lavigne tells Billboard. "We've got these pop-rock tunes, and then these piano ballads with orchestras. I have a heavier song that Marilyn Manson's on called 'Bad Girl,' and then I've got a song called 'Hello Kitty' that sounds like nothing I've done before. 'Here's To Never Growing Up' is one of the rock tunes on it, but it's all over the place."

Manson, musing on the dating rumors at the time, told the press, "Yesterday I read that I was dating Avril Lavigne, and I was like, 'F---, I wouldn't do that. She's Canadian. No offense to Canada." He did admit however that he was responsible for accidentally shaving her head.

While the pairing of Manson and Lavigne may seem a little odd, the shock rocker will be back in his own element this summer when he co-headlines the Masters of Madness trek with Alice Cooper.

As for Lavigne, Manson wasn't her only collaborator, as her fiancée -- Nickelback's Chad Kroeger -- is all over the record as well. "We met in the studio, so our relationship started off by writing songs together. He came into the studio and I played him a bunch of tracks and when 'Here's to Never Growing Up' came on, he stood up and was applauding." The song, which the couple co-wrote, is the new lead single for the still-untitled disc.

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