In the midst of the trials for the Aurora, Colo. theater shootings the community is struck by another shooting that leaves four dead. Read more on this tragic event.

Shaking the community of Aurora even more, residents in a town-home community just 4 miles southeast of the theater where the shooting occured in July heard gunfire around 3 am on Saturday, January 5th.

Sonny Archuleta had take family members hostage in his home where he murdered three of them -- his wife Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta  was the only surviver, she escaped through a window and told police her husband was armed and firing shots in the house.

After a six-hour standoff and failed negotiations, Archuleta fired upon police, who in return sent in the SWAT team and Archuleta was killed.

Sonny Archuleta's motive for the murders is unknown as the case is still under investigations.