Atlanta mall security guard Darien Long has become an Internet sensation because he doesn't put up with people's crap. The security guard at the Metro Mall in Atlanta, Georgia has been called a hero by locals and impressed the Internet enough to give him money.

Darien Long uses his video camera on his uniform to capture some of the craziest people you'll ever see. People who make you question who thinks it's okay to do things in public like verbally assault a man with her children.

Luckily for Darien he has a taser to go along with his video camera which produced this gem. (Warning contains profanity from two crazy mothers.)

The video gained Darien fans online sparking a campaign on Reddit to raise money for him, raising over $22,000 so far. Reddit started the campaign because he is a 'nice guy'. He also happens to be in a dangerous place and refuses to put up with any crap.

Here's a video of Darien not taking any crap from some drug dealers.
(Warning contains profanity.)