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Say what you want about a capitalist society but the effects of supply and demand are at work.

Especially if you plan to buy in quantity. A pound of wholesale marijuana has dropped nearly 19% in 2017 alone. As weed continues to lose it's "contraband" mystique the cartels are being squeezed out and the price continues to plummet. That's according to a new report tracking the commodity’s U.S. price index.

It's the same concept for gas & oil, gold, wheat, or any other commodity. As the supply increases, the price drops. Here in Colorado, the U.S. benchmark of legal recreational sales, the price of a pound of cannabis has dropped from $1,994 a year ago to recent a low of $1,181. at that rate, within a few years, you may not be able to give the stuff away.

Which again brings us to the local Grand Junction question, How long before the city officials approve the sale within the city proper? The revenue clock is ticketing and there's a tax increase vote to support District 51 looming. Wouldn't cash from local cannabis sales help that cause?


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