R2-D2, loveable droid from the Star Wars movies, meets a special-lady friend in this new short film, Artoo in Love.

This cute short was made by an Autodesk employee and a little assistance from some Lucasfilm employees.

Artoo in Love was unveiled at the Sonoma Film Festival this past weekend (March 25-29). The film festival described the short as, "Our droid-hero R2-D2 tries to find love in our galaxy. Joining him is an adorable cast of droid friends, as well as some enemies."

Director Evan Atherton, an engineer at Autodesk, told Mashable:

People have definitely been having real emotional reactions to it, I think that stems from what always made Artoo special: He was more than just a machine. So seeing that play out, and seeing Artoo really sad, tugs on some childhood heartstrings.

You hit the nail on the head Evan, this really tugged at our heart strings.

For the bigger Star Wars fans, there is a couple of Easter eggs hidden in the video. The pink sticker on the side of the mailbox, yea, that's the Millenium Falcon.

Evan Atherton via YouTube

This one was a little trickier to catch, do you recognized the outfits in the drawing? Maybe Han and Leia?

Evan Atherton via YouTube