Update (6/22): Disturbed just released another teaser video, which is posted below the other two tweeted videos in this post. In this one, "The Guy" rises from his slumber and directs fans to the band's website, which contains a countdown clock leading to Tuesday, June 23, at 8AM ET.

Could Disturbed be about ready to end their hiatus? A pair of new videos have surfaced on the band's Facebook page and Twitter feed that certainly has fans stirring with hope that a return is coming soon.

The first animated clip show what appears to be a transmission with the band's longtime mascot "The Guy" chained and stretched out in a chamber sawing away the "zzzz's" while his stomach rises and falls. The second one shows him appearing to start to break free from the chains. But the interpretation of these clips depends on whether you're a glass half empty or half full type of person, as shown in the Facebook comments below.

"Don't play with my feelings," states one fan. Another claims, "The beast is about to awake! Disturbed is back!," but another takes a more pessimistic view, stating, "Not a new album. The video is saying that Disturbed is on life support and probably about to die, so say bye at his side."

Check out the videos below:

It is likely though that the appearance of "The Guy" is a positive, as Blabbermouth reported a rumor that the band has reconvened in Las Vegas with producer Kevin Churko.

In addition, Disturbed have posted an updated version of their logo on their Facebook page, so the combination of the two posts hints at the fact that there are things going on in the Disturbed camp.

The band went on indefinite hiatus in October 2011 after the release of The Lost Children rarities and b-sides collection. In the time since, David Draiman has launched his side band Device and spent time producing other acts. Guitarist Dan Donegan and drummer Mike Wengren released an album with Evans Blue's Dan Chandler under the moniker Fight or Flight, and bassist John Moyer spent time with Adrenaline Mob and Art of Anarchy.

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