If you don't check the Craigslist Missed Connections section on a regular basis you may be missing out. Missing on what probably depends on who you are. You may be missing out on some laughter, some free dinner, some ass, or maybe the love of your life. And the listing I found today proves that no one, and I mean NO ONE is immune to having someone try to find them on Craigslist! 


Anyone have any questions here?? Because I sure do!

First off, at what age do you stop using phrases like "contact me if you want to ride my di**?" Obviously not at 68! Second, isn't there a weight limit on those Wal-Mart scooters? Don't all fatty's, including men, have big boobs? And just because they are big doesn't make them nice! And finally, if you asked me for the biggest turn-off in the world I would write this exact post... What is wrong with people?!?!