The metal cellists of Apocalyptica continue to surprise. The band's latest release is the live effort, 'Wagner Reloaded -- Live in Leipzig,' and the Finnish act has teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively premiere the video for 'Stormy Wagner' (watch above).

The clip pays tribute to the work of composer Richard Wagner in a rather theatrical manner. The band and a full-on orchestra provide the musical backing for a production that features downtrodden masses, a conductor with strings attached and a man who literally becomes the toast of the town while drowning in a cocktail glass.

As for the show this was taken from, it's a mix of ballet, stage play, dance and cello rock all rolled up into one entertaining performance. The video comes from their July 13 performance in Leipzig, Germany, earlier this year.

"It’s complex to record a live album with an orchestra, because there are so many lines, microphones and there’s one stupid drummer, who beats the s--- out of the drums and creates so much noise that everything is spoiled afterwards,” quips Apocalyptica's Eicca Toppinen. "It’s a challenge, we prepared well in advance, and Sven Helbig, the orchestrator, did a great job in making it run together, it works."

The band's 'Wagner Reloaded -- Live in Leipzig' is currently available via Amazon and iTunes.

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