Friday is National Take Your Dog to Work Day

I sure miss my beautiful yellow lad, Jewels. I got lucky when my sister studded out her lab and didn't what another dog around her house. Owning "pick of the litter" rights for the service she called one day and asked if wanted a dog. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Jewels joined our family shortly after being weaned and was a beautiful part of my life until I had to put down after 14 wonderful years. If you've ever loved a dog you know there's no other bond like the bond between a dog and owner.

It's that love of dogs that launched the idea, that's now a tradition, of employees bringing their dogs to work the Friday after Father’s Day. It’s National Take Your Dog to Work Day! It was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International. The day hopes to inspire others to adopt pets from local shelters and humane societies. Stop by Roice-Hurst Humane Society in Grand Junction and find the perfect pet for your family.

Is your workplace participating? Is Fido, Buster, Max, or whatever you call your pooch going to work with you on Friday, June 22ed. I hope so!

Credit: 9News 


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