Each and every day of his life, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian proves that he is metal's most devoted horror fanatic. Sorry, Phil Anselmo, you'll have to accept the silver for now. However, there's good news for the Pantera / Down vocalist -- Anselmo can now melt down that silver medal, mold some silver bullets and do away with Scott Ian, as the thrash guitarist was recently transformed into a werewolf.

In the past, we've seen Ian as a zombie on 'The Walking Dead' and we've witnessed the guitarist get his head split open by a chainsaw, but if you think Scott Ian's foray into horror was over, you're sorely mistaken. Teaming up with the good people at Fangoria, Ian placed himself in the makeup chair once again to be turned into a werewolf for the Nerdist Internet series 'Blood & Guts.'

Scott Ian's werewolf, or as the guitarist prefers, 'Wolf Man,' makeup was done by horror pros Chris Gallaher and Erik Porn on the set of MTV's television adaptation of 'Teen Wolf.' In only 80 minutes, Ian was given the treatment of a full moon, with some sweet sideburns, sharp teeth and long nails. Unfortunately, Ian allowed the character to go to his head, as the guitarist promptly hunted down and killed a 'Teen Wolf' production assistant.

In other Scott Ian news, the guitarist is confirmed to co-host the 2013 Kerrang! Awards alongside Blink-182 bassist / vocalist Mark Hoppus.

Check out the full video of Scott Ian's Wolf Man transformation in the video below. Pleasant screams!

Scott Ian Turns Into a Wolf Man