The American Cancer Society has published a study that links the use trend of marijuana by young males to testicular cancer.

The journal Cancer published a study linking marijuana use by males to the development of testicular cancer. The study showed those with a history of marijuana use may have a higher risk of developing testicular cancer. The chance a man has to develop testicular cancer sometime in their lifetime is 1 in 270, according to the American Cancer Society. Out of those one in 5,000 men with testicular cancer 1 will die from the disease.

As of May of 2012, the American Cancer Society estimated 360 deaths due to the disease for the year and 8,590 new cases. The theory by Victoria Cortessis, who led the study, is that marijuana use may is that marijuana may somehow interact with developing testicles. The study also narrowed down the type of testicular cancer to a specific one, nonseminoma. Which is about what half of the germ-cell type testicle cancers are.

The study also showed out of the 163 young men studied 80% admitted to marijuana use. While 70% of the 300 men surveyed without testicle cancer said they used marijuana.

The study also noted those who admitted cocaine use had a lower risk of testicular cancer.

Below: Testicular cancer survivors Lance Armstrong and Tom Green.