AFI are enjoying quite the year with a successful new record, AFI (The Blood Album), and a number of tours already behind them in support of the album. They have yet to break out the new track "Hidden Knives," but perhaps it will be an addition to the set list now that the band has released a music video for the standout cut.

A mysterious narrative plays out across the upbeat, riff-centric track that explores a range of moods from nervous anticipation to explosive energy, accented by a melodic guitar lick over the chorus. A man (played by singer Davey Havok) and a woman plot a secret rendezvous with a briefcase of cash apparently at stake. Things go awry, however, when a cloaked man drops off a note reading, "She's with us," with an address listed.

Havok arrives at this address and is given a mask to wear before going inside. Others are dressed in a similar fashion and a woman, who we learn is the same one from the beginning, catches his attention. The two enter a room alone together and hit the floorboards to engage in the horizontal hustle, or at least it appears this way at first.

Havok's character quickly learns he's been set up as the woman ties him with rope as he holds on to the ground and a group of masquerading partygoers encircle him as an axe slowly lowers, swinging in a pendular motion above his neck.

Catch AFI live on their headlining North American run from June 6-25. They'll step back out on the road for a co-headlining tour with Circa Survive between July 18 and Aug. 5 as well and for more information and to see if these tours are swinging by you, head to our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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