The erasing of Aaron Hernandez began on June 26th with his arrest for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Before the ink was dry on his finger prints the New England Patriots cut the Tight end. They then removed his name and likeness from the team facility and web site. They also pulled all of the team apparel connected to Hernandez from the team store.

Before Hernandez could be taken into the court room for arraignment he lost his two biggest endorsement deals with CytoSport and Puma. Both companies pulled the Hernandez products off the shelves, removed him from their web sites and pulled any advertising connected with Hernandez.


Before Hernandez could get back into to court for a bond hearing the Patriots announced they would do a jersey swap. Anyone who bought an officially-licensed Hernandez jersey could bring it back and exchange the Hernandez jersey for another player. The Patriots held that swap this past weekend and about 2,500 jerseys were returned.


Now, EA Sports is rubbing the eraser. Monday the video game giant announced that they would begin removing Hernandez from their football game franchises. Hernandez is not usable in NCAA Football 14 but he does appear as a reward for completing an objective. EA Sports will put a patch in place to remove Hernandez and replace him with Alex Smith. When Madden NFL 25 comes out in August Aaron Hernandez will not be in the game. Aaron Hernandez has been erased including weekends and the 4th of July holiday it took about 12 days.


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