The speed limit along I-70 through Glenwood Canyon could soon go as low at 30 mph.

In my option, it's the most scenic part of the drive. Crossing the divide near the Eisenhower Tunnel is pretty but Glenwood Canyon, its cliff walls, tunnels, and the Colorado River rolling alongside I-70, makes it extra special. I'll admit it. At times I've driven faster through there than I should. But when you're in a hurry to get to Denver to see a concert or a Broncos game you really push it, right? Well, what is already a slow go through Glenwood Canyon is soon to get slower.

This fall the CDOT plans to install special road monitoring technology that establishes the speed limit based on current weather conditions. That stretch can be especially tricky in winter when the canyon walls shade the road surface leaving slick spots that can quickly cause an accident.

The project will be a network of interconnected sensors, video cameras, speed detection equipment, and speed limit boards throughout the canyon. The posted speed will be based on current weather conditions. That limit could be pushed down as low as 30 mph. The Colorado Department of Transportation says they'll start installing the near gear sometime in October.

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