Weather forecasters say another 'Bomb Cyclone' blizzard will hit Colorado.

Need to drive to Denver? Better leave now or postpone your trip until the weekend. Winter weather, including a Blizzard Warning, is forecasted for northeastern Colorado and a Winter Storm Warning in place for the Colorado mountains and parts of the Western Slope.

The worst of 'Blizzard Bomb II' will hit the Denver metro and parts to the north. This spring snowstorm is excepted to drop several inches of snow and pack winds up to 60 MPH!

The Blizzard Warning is in effect starting Wednesday evening and continuing into Thursday. The region most impacted is most of northeastern Colorado, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Castle Rock.

A Winter Weather Advisory is forecasted for the higher elevations along I-70. Strong winds, snow, and lows in the teens are expected Wednesday, into Wednesday night and continuing into Thursday.

Like I said, If you need to be over on the front range you'll want to leave soon. Or better yet, just wait until the weekend. Welcome to spring in Colorado! Summer one day, winter the next!

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