There have been drive-through fast food restaurants for decades. There are drive-through liquor stores. So why should a guy have to get out of his car to buy weed? Not anymore.

Why not? It's all about convenience, right? That’s the plan when Tumbleweed opens its latest marijuana-related venture in Parachute sometime next month to be called Tumbleweed Express.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

Indeed it is about customer convenience, and in this case catering to a later-night clientele because the new business will be open until midnight. This will be Colorado's first. A future trivia question someday I'm sure.

My question is "what's Grand Junction waiting for?" As a newcomer, I'm sure I'm "information challenged" but I did see where the state of Colorado estimated the 2016 cannabis industry retail sales to be over 1$ Billion. I'm no mathematician but even %1 of 1$ Billion is a healthy sum. Will this community continue to see dispensaries popping up in communities all around and pass on the tax revenue being generated? I understand that Palisade has approved sales.

Grand Junction Cannabis Action Now or GJ CAN have been making appearances around town gathering support for the ballot measure. GJ CAN agent Tanette Mucino says “We’ve been getting a lot of support since people have seen the positive aspect of it,” she said. “People have seen we’re not getting the benefits here because we don’t have legal sales. People see that the schools need the revenue and the city needs it. Tourists expect it.” Of the few out-of-towners I've hosted, they all ask the same question, "why do you have to drive down the road to buy weed?" All I can say is "I don't know." I do believe it's true, "tourists expect it." I'm not saying that makes it ok, or that I have an opinion one way or another, I'm just asking.

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