For a decade, A Day to Remember have mixed pop-punk with metalcore and hardcore to concoct an unlikely blend that has won over legions of fans. With their latest album 'Common Courtesy,' ADTR have come out swinging yet again, and the group has just put out an awesome video for 'Right Back at it Again.'

'Common Courtesy' is A Day to Remember's first self-released full-length since their stressful split from Victory Records. Although they didn't have Victory's marketing power behind them, 'Common Courtesy' sold a staggering 92,000 copies in only its first week, and has since surpassed 100,000 in sales. The band's buzz has never been higher, which fits perfectly with the triumphant 'Right Back at it Again' and it's accompanying video.

You literally can not take your eyes off this video once it begins. Starting out as a distinguished educational program hosted by a man with face tattoos, 'Right Back at it Again' turns animated, telling the story of A Day to Remember from beginning to present. There's so much happening in this video that it would take thousands of words just to scratch the surface, but the clip's greatest asset is the ability to connect with both established and potential fans.

The tale of A Day to Remember is that of every kid who dreams of emulating the success of their musical heroes. In just four minutes, ADTR crammed 10 years of hard work and struggle into a diamond of a clip, allowing us to feel a condensed version of their journey.

Check out A Day to Remember's new clip for 'Right Back at it Again' above!