The climber fell 100 feet to his death in Eldorado Canyon State Park.

Eldorado Canyon is popular among the climbing community. With nearly vertical cliffs as high as 700 feet the park attracts rock climbers from the region and across the country. The experts at the American Alpine Institute rate the Eldorado Canyon climb and one of North America's "50 Classic Climbs." They would know. The AAI was founded back in 1975 with the mission of  "...helping climbers raise their skills, protect the environments in which they climb, develop good judgment, and safely gain access to the great mountains of the world."

Persons in the park Saturday evening say they saw a man climbing by himself and not using safety ropes or harnesses. Witnesses say he was climbing the "Bastille Crack" when he slipped and fell. Boulder County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant  Andy Smith reports that emergency responders were first called around 7:49 PM.


The cliffs in Eldorado Canyon are known to be extremely challenging. The sandstone rock climbs along the cliffs are up to 700 feet high. Routes to the top involve intricate and devious face-rock climbing. There are irregular cracks in the cliffs where traditional removable gear placement skills and gear are mandatory. The climb should only be attempted by highly-skilled climbers. For more info on Eldorado Canyon State Park rock climbing click HERE.

Credit: Daily Camera

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