In the beginning of June, we reported on Navy veteran and karaoke powerhouse John Hetlinger's prideful performance of Drowning Pool's mega-hit "Bodies" on America's Got Talent. After the clip went viral, the band extended an invite toward the 82-year-old rocker, imploring him to join the band onstage at Chicago Open Air. Footage has already surfaced of the performance and he's set to do it again tomorrow at Ink in the Clink in Ohio.

Two days ago (July 13), the elderly rocker confirmed he would indeed be stepping onstage with Drowning Pool at Chicago Open Air today (July 15). As seen in the YouTube clip above and the Instagram post below, Hetlinger comes across as a seasoned pro, belting out the immortal lyrics to "Bodies" as a frenzied crowd went absolutely ballistic up front. It was all smiles for the karaoke moonlighter turned rock superstar as well as the members of Drowning Pool, who appeared to be enjoying the performance as much as the animated Hetlinger.

If you live in the Midwest and didn't get a chance to catch Hetlinger with Drowning Pool at Chicago Open Air, there is still time for redemption. They'll be sharing the stage once again at Ink in the Clink festival at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio, tomorrow (July 16). More information about the fest, which will host on site tattooing and piercing, can be found at the Ink in the Clink website.

Drowning Pool guitarist CJ Pierce recalled when he first heard about Hetlinger's performance, telling Loudwire, "I picked up my phone and I got a handful of texts from a number of people because I guess it got out yesterday ahead of the airing. We had a band group text on there as well, and then I watched it, and man, I am so entertained by it. It’s awesome to just see an 82-year-old man get out there and just belt out some metal — whether it was our song or any song, it was just killer to see him do that."

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