Steamboat Springs contacted Colorado Parks & Wildlife officers on Sunday because a black bear had become a problem. That bear became the 51st killed in Colorado so far this year.

Not being from here, 51 sounds like allot. Is there anything else that can be done? I understand that relocation isn't always a viable solution, trouble making bears have a tendency to be repeat offenders, but it's tragic to have to take them out. I get it, I wouldn't want a bear wrecking my truck or ripping my garage door off. This most recent bear taken down in Steamboat Springs had been breaking into garages and ripping apart freezers trying to get to the food.


With winter closing in bears are eating all they can in preparation for hibernation. With most of their natural sources dying off, bears are heading to town to find food. According to wildlife officals, it's at least another month before the bears start their long winter's nap so are more encounters are inevitable.

There is no easy solution. As long as humans live in the same neighborhoods as bears this problem will continue. Here's hoping these guys can find a way to stay out of trouble for the next few weeks or so.


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