Not that you needed them, but now we've got even more reasons for you to download it. Here are 5,000 reasons for you to download the 95 Rock app today.

You can download the free 95 Rock app inside Google Play or the Apple Store and we've got 5,000 reasons why you should download it today.

You might be thinking that some of the reasons to download our app are that you take the best music with you. Or maybe it's because you also get the latest news, events, weather, and traffic in one place. That's not it either.

There are lots of other things you can do with the 95 Rock app, like saving articles and submitting pictures and more. But still, all of those things are not a part of the 5,000 reasons.

Starting Thursday, November 8, we have your chance to win anything from $100 to $5,000. And once you download the 95 Rock app, you'll receive a notification that will tell you when it's time to tune in for your win cash code word.

Download the free 95 Rock app here, we've only got 5,000 reasons for you to do it.

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