In my nearly 2 years here I've had to do some adjusting.

It flew by. Next month marks my 2ed anniversary of moving to Colorado. This Kansas City-born mid-westerner had to learn how to adjust to life on the western slope. For the most part, it's been a positive experience. Here's my list of "Top 5 Things I Had To Adjust To Life Here."

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1- No real beer or wine sales in stores. Back in Missouri, you can buy any kind of beer, wine, or liquor in any grocery or super-store. Wal-Mart and Sam's Club would have these mega-sized displays with mountains of cases of beer or hard liquor. Here, of course, you have to buy your "real" booze from a liquor store. That is about to change. Starting in 2019 grocery stores can ditch the 3.2 and start selling the real stuff.

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2-Over 300 days of sunshine. I'm a sun-lover so this wasn't a difficult adjustment. At higher elevation, the sun is more intense too. Again, not a problem for me but I certainly can see it could be difficult for some persons to adjust to, especially if you're DNA is more of the fair-skinned variety. Let's face it, some parts of the country experience far fewer sunny days and waking up to the same weather every day could freak them out a bit.

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3-Being surrounded by Broncos fans. First off, let me make it clear I am a football fan and appreciate the quality of play at any level. High School, College, or the NFL, if a team plays well, or has a history of excellence, I have nothing but respect for that organization. I'm not a "hater." I won't root for a team to lose because they're
"not my team." I won't gloat either if my team pulls off an unlikely come back or sweeps a division rival. But you've got to admit, that Thanksgiving weekend Chiefs-Broncos game a couple years ago was crazy and the Monday Night Elway-Montana battle was perhaps the best MNF game ever! I'm sorry Broncs fans about the outcome of those contests, but your team did win Super Bowl 50. And I was pulling for Manning and the Broncs in that game. However, it's hard from this KC boy, or anyone I'm sure, that moves here and is surrounded by such passionate Broncos fans. One thing we can agree on, beating the Raiders!

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4-The Natives. I think it's cool that "lifers" and "Natives" take so much pride in being "Colorado." It's a cool place. One of the most beautiful in the country and there is a lot of things to see and do. I'd be proud to. I can tell you too those that are from here are more than happy to remind you of that fact. I'm not saying they're "cocky" but definitely will tell you all about Colorado with a bit of extra swagger.

5-Friendly Folks. It's a good thing but unusual. In some parts of the country, the people aren't very welcoming. Most of the people I've met here on the western slope have been really nice and it's been a pleasure to meet so many people. It's too bad it's like this everywhere. This country would be a better place if that was the case.

There you have it, "The Top Things I Had To Adjust To" in my 2 years living here. I think I'm adjusting well and looking forward to experiencing more of what the western slope and Colorado have to offer.

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